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it’s gonna be a long night.

just had a call with my mom and we both have finally come to terms with the fact that her parents, my grandparents, aren’t capable of actually loving someone.

they talk a big game about how willing they are to help, but it’s not free. and the interest is pretty steep. 

family is the biggest thing to them until that family doesn’t meet their expectations. like having an incurable disease that keeps you from working or working two jobs instead of being in school or being a religion that they don’t agree with. 

i finally had to admit to myself out loud that i haven’t felt like my grandparents love me since before i was a teenager.

and it hurts a lot more than i thought it would

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so my mom and i were on the phone and all the sudden she goes “did you hear that?”


"there’s a guy on the line"

"mom i don’t hear anything"

"well i can hear him…oh! he hears me too, hi guy"


"hang on lace, i’m gonna get rid of this guy. no offense dude"

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Rule 1 - Post the rules

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1. Who’s your favorite band or artist (musician)?

one? just one?! sdfghjjhg All Time Low

2. Are you afraid of the dark?


3. What’s something that you’re really good at doing?

breathing, haven’t messed that up so far.  

4. How much do you love Tumblr? 

You know how much The Doctor loves Rose, Severus loves Lily, Aragorn loves Arwen, Han loves Leia, or how much the Beast loves Belle? Combine each love together and then you may add up to love I have for Tumblr

5. What’s your New Year’s resolution?

To work on my insecurites

6. What’s your favorite amusement park?

Universal. Probably because of all the concerts they have

7. Do you like roller coasters? c: 


8. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Tumblr, Read, workout, all while listening to music. Do something stupid with my friends

9. Are you photogenic? 

bahahahaha no

10. On a scale from 1 to 10 how much do you like the dentist?

i guess a 6 

11. How would you describe your personality? 

Ima a sarcastic little twit, but everyone on Tumblr is. I can be loud and fun when I’m with the right people. I act really cocky so people don’t know I’m insecure. Just your average teenager I suppose, nothing out of the ordinary.


1. if you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?


2. who caused a major impact / changed your life?

I’d have to say my bestfriend Paisley cause I’m able to be myself and I don’t feel like she judges me or secretly hates me like I feel most people do and she’s great to talk to and hang out with and I think she’s brought out my true self. She’s also someone I share loads of interest with and may be the only person to make me laugh when I’m furious. She’s my Parabatai.

3. what song do you catch yourself listening to the most?

You’re Dead Wrong - Mayday Parade

4. what’s your zodiac sign?


5. what color would you use to descirbe yourself and why?

Green because it be really bright and awesome but also has a chill dark side

6. if you were stranded on an island with only one book, what book would it be?

mother of god. why would you do this to me? Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare

7. what’s something you do when no one is around to see?

sing at the top of my lungs, the neighbors love it

8. if you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go?


9. what is something you do when you get mad?

Listen to music as loud as it goes

10. what was your dream job as a kid?

I wanted to be a model

11. favorite website to go on when you get really bored? (besides tumblr, facebook, and twitter)



1. Who’s the closest person in your life and why? 

my boyfriend. i tell him everything and it’s easy to do so :)

2. (finish) Music is _____

fun to sing along to 

3. What do you look for in a friend?

i don’t look for it but apparently they have to be weird as hell lol

4. What’s a bad habit and you can’t kick?

procrastinate. badly. :)

5. Biggest obession.

food. no question.

6. Any talents that no one else knows about?

lol they’d have to be talents i don’t know about either

7. What’s the best present you’ve ever gotten?

sentimental- my great-grandmothers made me pillowcases and a quilt

non- my dad just got me the galaxy s 3

8. What celebrity would marry right on the spot if they asked?

chris evans or jared padalecki 

9. Most watched movie?

probably the princess bride

10. What would you like your lover to be like? 

he’s got to be funny. not like i’m-an-idiot funny, he’s gotta be clever about it

11. What’s something you don’t like talking about?

money. it’s just stressful and most of the time it doesn’t need to be brought up sooo


1. What’s your favorite kind of donut?

2. Least favorite color?

3. Warm weather or cold weather?

4. One job you wouldn’t want to do no matter how much someone paid you?

5. Best comfort food?

6. Best memory from when you were 8…ish?

7. Dream car?

8. Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

9. What TV game show do you think you’d be good at?

10. What’s your favorite time of day? Or night?

11. The word that best describes you.

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shoutingattheworld: ROOMIE! I MISS YOU! HAVE SOME QUESTIONS. # 2, 3, 11, 12, 49 :) 

lol awwww shucks :)

2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?

ooh i’m gonna go with jennifer lawrence for sure lol she wouldn’t even have to change her name!

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

Jimmy fallon :D love that guy

11. What would you name your daughter if you had one?

Lily Renee Hamel or Shea Renee :) depending on my boyfriend’s preference

12. What would you name your son if you had one?

I have not one single clue :P daughters are easy. i want a boy more than i want a girl but i have no names as of right now lol

49. How old were you when you found out (spoiler) Santa wasn’t real?

as long as my parents keep writing “from santa” on some of my presents, i am totally ok with believing in santa til i’m 99

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so paranormal activity 4 at 2 in the morning while i’m home alone in my nice dark apartment.

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the google page is beautiful!!!

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So I did this thing here

Name: Laci

Western Star Sign: Aries (The Ram)

Chinese Zodiac (Animal): Rooster (The Perfectionist)

Western Element: Fire (Desire)

Chinese Element: Water (Shui)

Planet: Mars (Ardent)

Yin-Yang Symbol: Yin

Celtic Druid Zodiac: Maple Tree (The Independent)

Birthstone: Diamond (The Detoxifier) 

Divine Number: Eight (The Politician)

Season: Spring

Divine Color: Silver (The Imaginative) 

Day of the Week: Tuesday

(Source: enchantedbytheuniverse, via mscottys)

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Me: Owww, why does my back hurt?
Roommate: Because i bent you over the couch earlier

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so i was fangirling and freaking out about how excited i am for the hobbit right? and then i realized that i won’t even get to see the end of it for a few YEARS. i won’t even get to see HALF of it for at least one more year. we’re getting one third of the story. one effing third.

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if you don’t like lord of the rings

you’re wrong

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Personal Mini Rant

i’ve seen a lot of those “why can’t you see i still love you” or “i wish he would just open his eyes” and the ever popular “he/she’ll never know how much i love them”. well good grief people, TELL THEM. i swear half of the unhappily single people on this site are only single because they’re choosing to be. most human beings are stupid let’s face it. i never know what people are thinking. they have to tell me point blank or i’ll never catch on. you can’t expect someone to read your mind and magically know that you’re crazy about them. and don’t give me the “i’m too scared” or “what if they don’t feel the same way?” if you’re too scared to tell the person you’re supposedly in love with that you love them, how in the hell do you expect to have a relationship with said person? and if they don’t feel the same way, yes that hurts, but do you really think it would hurt more than dragging your heart through the mud every day for what could be YEARS because you can’t pluck up the nerve to say three words? if you love them and “would do anything for them” how about you take a chance on yourself and stop putting the blame and responsibility on them for not reading your mind

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sigh, for christmas will one of you get me an ugly holiday sweater?

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so i spent all of today watching Star Wars episodes iv-vi. and all i kept thinking was “chewbacca really reminds me of someone….”



and then

he also says star wars was a huge part of his childhood..

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so i spent all of today watching Star Wars episodes iv-vi. and all i kept thinking was “chewbacca really reminds me of someone….”



and then

Tags:  # i'm convinced if we looked back through his family tree,   # he'd have some definite wookie ancestors,   # and now he tells his son great stories of his great great great great grandfather and the jedis,   # star wars,   # Jared Padalecki,   # chewbacca,   # personal
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